What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

Very few things can I say without a doubt in life. I can say I never 100% trusted anyone. I’ve always had the unshareable the vulnerable tidbits we keep deep down so that no one can judge them. I’ve put trust in a select few people in life and really just always kept everyone at a arms length. Even family blood didn’t change my ability to break down those walls and let them in. Far to much pain and demons in the past have kept me from letting anyone in. He had the patience no one else had. He had the touch that melted the pain. He had the kiss that took my breath. As I walked today into personal private space of his while he gave directions I realized it was that TRUST that so freely flows between us that makes me fall even harder. It feels good to be trusted without limits and give him the same. I would freely hand him my most personal thoughts and lay out everything if he asked. Course he is a patient man who will let me share every detail that makes me me in my own time. His trust in me makes me feel loved. It’s consuming and I just can’t get enough, more time I have with him the stronger my heart beats for him. trust

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