What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

Meeting the man of your dreams on craig list is far from traditional. I remember laying in bed and asking him what he had hoped to gain from his add and me. I was already madly in love from his first touch I swear I already belonged to him completely. It’s done nothing but grow and gain since then. His response to my question was simply not to feel lonely. I thought to myself whatever it takes to make this man never feel lonely again I will strive for. I wonder if he even had a clue of the abundance of love and attention he would soon have. Does it feel overwhelming to be the center of our world now? Does coming home to a family feel scary? I wish I could be a fly on the wall of his mind. I want to know every emotion he feels. I want to be what he needs reassure him he is everything I want. I wake up to tell him good morning even on days I should sleep through six am and not even crack an eye lid because I want to make sure he knows he is my priority that he is my first thought. I want him to feel as good and special as I do for him!!! I have tunnel vision those in my inbox sit waiting and waiting for a reply but Marc I can’t text enough. I can’t ever hear him talk enough. I fall asleep in his arms too soon because I adore staring at him. I am madly in love and can’t even think of another thing to talk about when it comes time to type because I am so freaking in love with this man!

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