What defines me?

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I spend a lot of time reflecting on my current relationship. It’s so far different then any relationship I have ever been in. I have been really having some personal life struggles. Things have been extremely overwhelming. Emotionally I have been all over the map. Posting things to social media I should keep to myself. I have been sharing with people who weren’t out for my best interest. It’s hard to figure out who to trust if anyone. Hard to see who is out for self gain and who is genuine. I am however certain that my current relationship is genuine. I trust him with everything inside of me. When I feel defeated I turn to him. When I am running through solutions to everything thrown my way I call him. We talk about everything all the time. Soon as I feel the emotions creeping up I confide in him. Having someone you can go to for anything anything at all no judgement no anger just support is priceless. Everything going on I feel unsafe often. My house hasn’t became the sanctuary I wanted it to be. His however has. When I am at his house I let go and just relax. I sleep amazing I feel safe secure and comfortable. It’s almost as though I am untouchable by anything negative inside those walls. Last night he arrived at my place mostly because my need for a hug was far to great for him to go home but he arrived with a gift. The greatest gift he has given me so far. He gave me a house key. A key that opened the door to my safe haven. I can go anytime I like take a nap if I’d like too. I have the ability to go hang out with the boys and just talk and smile. The boys are his two birds. I find peace being around them. I think maybe it’s the calm voice I use with them that just brings me some kind of inner peace. I love them so much I find joy in everything that they do. They make me smile. His house does his presence does. He promises me that better days are coming and I trust in that I believe things are going to work out. It eases worry it eases stress the anxiety lifts just a bit when he is around. I had no idea love felt so grand I had seen love so differently before Marc stepped foot into my life. I don’t know that I had believed in fate but I believe this man was meant for me. He is the pc of my heart that was missing. HE is my healing power. I know he has no clue how much the key meant to me. It was far more then just a key to get in to nap. It was unconditional trust. Being trusted and trusting back is powerful! marcni

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