What defines me?

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As we walked around shed I was like a child in a candy store. It was magnificent to view and even better when the man at my side was so full of information and fun facts. I loved seeing his face when he saw something cool and interesting. We came upon this tank that had a few frogs and such. On the sides of the tanks you can see the names and pictures with a short description of what is inside the tank. We had so much fun searching for fish and other sea life together. When we came to the tank that contained the emerald tree boa Marc got so excited to find it. His face lite up just to look for it. I circled around the tank looking with him. I was delighted to see him get so excited. When we found her she was breathtaking perched in the top of a tree. Her face was just so neat. I stood gazing for several mins. I had never had such a incredible cool experience before. I enjoyed every single minute of the weekend. We spoke of Marc getting the same snake we had seen. I enjoy so much being apart of this man’s life I feel so included and I am so darn happy. I can’t wait to learn more about the snake and shop for him and raise him or her lol. I know I’ll be included and it’s just the greatest experience. One of the most attractive things about him is he is so intelligent. Always teaching me something exciting!

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