What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

I just walked out of the most terrific shower ever. The glass doors of luxury in that bathroom. I have the most beautiful view of the lake in this moment sitting at this desk adjacent to the window. I look over on the bed to see the man sleeping who thinks I’m worthy enough to share this with him. I spent most of the last blog ranting about something someone else put into my head when I should be focused on the man putting me above everything. Every time he petted my hair or rubbed my arms graced my back last night in that room full of 1300 ppl I felt like the only girl in the room. All the negative others can put in my head he can make it vanish like it was just a figment of my imagination. This is what love is suppose to feel like I know that now. The man in that bed 4 feet from me is the man I am meant to be with. I whole heartedly feel that. I will spend everyday hoping to give him just a taste of the fantastic high his love gives me. i climbed into bed again for a moment to feel his touch. I tried so carefully to not wake him in doing so. I have been up doing all kinds of things around the room it never wakes him but the moment I got in the bed he felt my presence he glanced down at me. Rolling onto his back and putting his arm out knowing exactly where I wanted to be snuggled up to. His chest listening to his heart beat is the most soothing thing. His strong but gentle arms embracing me that is the good shit folks. I anticipate changes I need to make when I return home today. But I can’t expect a future here holding onto my past. me5

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