What defines me?

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I wake up grateful for the day. I wake and grab my phone knowing that if it is past six there will be a good morning text from him. He never fails to make me feel special and important to him. That is a boost for my day I swear. Knowing there is someone in your corner is a gift that can’t be replaced. I start my day wanting to strive to be a better me. He reminds me of things to do to make a better life really. The babe you should blog a bit or his push to not lose amazon. I enjoy it. I enjoy making him proud of me. I created a goal list writing it on my mirror so it’s there in my face pushing me everyday. I really have spent so much time selling myself short and I do believe a big part of that is the company I have kept at my side. Not just the men but they are the most significant and noticeable influence. Having someone who can match my ambition and drive pushes me. I want a better future I don’t want to settle for where I stand at the moment. Funny 9 months ago I was planning to die with no drive or ambition at all. I felt completely hopeless. Its him that has me striving for longevity too taking my meds drinking water eating more. He just has the most positive effect on everything and it leaves me feeling guilty that I am even helping Chuck still. As so many not just Marc but so many helped me get free and its kind of like slapping them in the face to help Chuck still isn’t it? I need to make steps to change it…. I clearly cant get it out of my head.

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