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I had the absolute privilege of testing this amazing product at my home. One of the many benefits of testing products in my home is that I get to involve my kids. The directions to make the pancakes were quite simple. It in fact only needed to have water added with the contents of the package making it something I could make on a whim at anytime because water is the one ingredient that is always on hand. Not running to the grocery store to pick something up is always a treat when you live the mom life.  I did find myself adding just a touch more water to the mix then was directed though as it was just a tad thick for my families liking.  I cooked the pancakes in a cast iron skillet that I lathered with butter first. The pancakes cooked perfectly with a nice golden brown. They were just packed full of the delicious hemp seeds and my children smashed them till the very last bite. I got about 7 pancakes out of the box so purchasing on my own I’d need to buy two or maybe three even boxes to supply an entire meal for everyone. The flavoring was spot on and they were extremely filling. I would rate these pancakes as a 9/10. I would love to see them put out a family size box for big families like mine!

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