What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

I excel at math it’s my favorite subject in the world. In fact my first semester I attended 2 of my math classes and passed the class with 104% I give all that credit to Rik my dad. I remember being in maybe 4-5th grade at bridgman and really struggling switching from coloma to bridgman had me really behind. I would leave notes for Rik and home work books on the table he was working a factory job at the time and in the winter plowing too. He still found time to help me with that math. I remember wanting his time so much that I would say I had homework that was weeks in advance. Rik tried………. finding time to give your kids that time that they think is adequate I mean really I’m not sure how much time my dad actually spent with me I’m sure it was a good amount but my child mind may never have thought it was enough. I know Malachi does the exact same thing and Paytyn. I know their behavior often can be a direct relation to how much of my time they get from me. I find the struggle to balance between 7 and putting food on the table a constant challenge. I mean the greatest challenge of my life but the most rewarding as well. I am contemplating now home school just the two boys …………I am not sure If I would use easy peasy or if I would use a online schooling program and not be so involved….. with Malachi. I am just not sure both have different needs. The idea is running around in my head. I never want my child to grow up and reflect feelings of not having enough time and not thriving because I wasn’t there for their needs and I know they both thrive in a home school environment tailored to their needs. I have a speech tutor option …. I could take them there actually while I work during the summer ….. resources are there.

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