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My poor baby boy is fighting off another bad ear infection.Childhood Ear Infections: A Parent’s Guide to Alternative Treatments He spent the entire night crying and moaning in pain. I was quick to try to provide relief with antibiotics and Tylenol. Neither provided much through the night though. I made him a rice sock and heated it in attempt to provide him all the comfort I could. It never gets easier to see your kids in pain. Never gets easier to see them suffer while you stand helpless unable to aide them. Him already being a mommies boy being sick made him want me either. 7 am you could find us both on my bedroom door somehow we had maneuvered ourselves to right in front the bedroom door. Him cuddled in my arms. I got up jumped in the shower and made sure to give him another dose of antibiotics and tylenol before leaving the house.Hyland’s Natural Homeopathic Earache Drops, 0.33 Ounce I called a grandparent to come comfort in my place until I can get back to him. I of course will make myself sick with worry for him till I get home. His new autism necklaces will be in by tomorrow thank goodness since he has been chewing through all this necklines in his t shirt since we lost the last one. I ordered two this time. Blue hearts because he has my heart. That boy melts my heart everyday makes sure I have a over flowing bucket of his love and I could not be more grateful or proud to be his mother. A comment was made that I would never be able to leave him to work and have a life. He is my life. I could careless how much of my time he takes from other things him and his 7 brothers and sisters are the only thing I want my time to go to. ­čÖéEar Infections: A troubleshooting guide to common childhood ailments (The Everything┬« Healthy Kids Series)

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