What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

How Strong We Are Cervical Cancer T-Shirt Unisex Teal and White [M] I always have doubted my strength as a mother as a valuable member of society as a wife this shirt says it all. You never know your own strength until it’s tested. Until there is no other choice but to be strong tears flowing emotional wreck…. Oh the damn quiet. Fuck you quiet I absolutely hate you. I need a book desperately I have run out of new books and movies just aren’t cutting it. I was hoping to have gotten one for Christmas. Although I did get a new journal. Gosh know’s I fill those things up so quickly.Because My Body Told Me So -My Cervical Cancer Story is the next book I am longing for. It could be awhile though because money sure isn’t come in as fast as it is going out. My head is so over filled tonight with a thousand thoughts things I want to get up and do right now….. things I fear…. Im all over the place with thoughts and emotions. Chuck’s mom picked up his adoptive brother today… We will meet him tomorrow or the next day. I am so overwhelmed with it all. Should really have no impact on me. That’s not even my family or is it.. I don’t even know anymore her addiction slip crushed me this week more then I was able to let on since I didn’t want to overshadow chuck’s emotional needs.Cell War Notebooks: My Journey with Cervical Cancer I lied maybe I want that book lol. I dont know up way to late searching for books that aren’t in the budget to buy. My library has nothing good on cervical cancer stories. Looking for some hope i guess….

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