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I feel like the entire week was spent celebrating and plans falling apart…. Miscommunication like crazy. We opened our gifts at home on Friday. Stockings on thursday. There was just no time to fit it in on the holiday. I don’t teach my kids about santa or elves or anything of that nature. Christmas is about Jesus. Yes, I love the Xmas traditions of smiling kids happy and time with family but that can be done on anyday so why not Thursday and Friday lol. Christmas miracles occurred and my kids all got gifts under the tree. Oddly Allen and hailey were the only kids that got any clothes they each got an outfit from a different grandparent. On Saturday I think I changed plans a total of 4 times but it is very possible it was 5. The last one being me being called into work as soon as it opened. I worked side by side with chuck all night long. In fact I ran two spots for about two hours. Not that it wasn’t doable because super man had my spot his spot and then some really. It was actually nice cause I got taught a lot that I probably couldn’t have had there been more employees or costumers. Of course I came home in absolute tears. My leg pain was just awful and I was feeling super tired of course. My mom came within 45 mins of me being home. I somehow had miscommunication that I was cooking thinking her and my brother were eating. So I had prepanned everything and wrote notes to when allen put in and took out the oven so dinner would be ready when I got home and then mom and trav…. but my mom had cooked and they didn’t eat. I stressed video chats from work how many potatoes to peel for Christmas dinner…. for nothing. I made it thru the visit with my mom with minimal tears if she noticed she didn’t say much. I was thankful for that. I hate being in pain trying to not show tears in front the kids and then explain why I am in pain in the first place. My mother bought literally the perfect gifts all the way around. I dont think she could have nailed it any better if she tried. Well with exception of maybe Malachi. I think I have that covered though before he gets home. Before they all get home I think I am prepared to make some organizational upgrades. Maybe some pintrest ideas in the making right there lol. We made it to breakfast this morning at my grandmas arriving first as always my kids were feed and out of the way before other family arrived. All 50 of us fit just fine close and snugged together with a house full of laughter. I didn’t stay to long 2 hours total I mean that is a good amount of time right…..???? Hugged everyone and off I went. Took the kids to St. joe, Berrien Springs, and Niles all their designated destinations. I came home and laid in bed for a bit realizing the quiet lets loneliness creep in. Got back out of bed and ended up cleaning for a bit.Then had an amazing friend stop by with some yummy dinner. Allen came home being the only child to return home. HE is such a mommies boy and I am so thankful and empty house is more quiet then I can bare. ┬áChristmas is over survived another year. Tomorrow there is so much to do!!!!

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  1. bear1985 says:

    what did i do…do you not want to be with me anymore My Pretty Lady My Baby…plz say you do still want to me with me Baby…i miss you baby and i love you baby

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