What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

My Grandma Betty is probably the family I am the closet with in my life. She has forgiven me for things others would have seen as unforgivable. She has done more for my children then all of their fathers put together. She has clothed me, feed me, and housed me at some point or another. She is for sure the one I get my giving and kind nature from. I went to her house today and loaded up our family gifts. Years ago it stopped getting wrapped and started getting all put in a tub. She would collect yard sale items all summer and place in this tub to give us on Christmas. I love it going through this tub and choosing what will fit each kid perfectly and passing out stacks of things to each child. I just got to do that. Some transformer guy that she paid 50 cents for according to the sticker has already won over Paytyn’s heart completely. I love that they don’t really care the cost of things even the older kids. Although sometimes they want something that is a little costly the whole brand or price tag really doesn’t matter to any of them. WE all as in the entire house got socks and I have to say I was excited! I actually know that I will get so much toilet paper and laundry soap for Christmas every year that I don’t have to budget either for January. It’s a huge burden off my shoulders. I love that she gives piratical gifts.  There were tp packs left for each of the other family’s too. She has the smallest home of the family and that is where we shall all pile in on Christmas morning. It feels like home and family and peace in that cramped up living room. I am so happy my mother convinced her to let us still come even though as my kids became teens it is getting more crowded for sure. I am about to put on my new fuzzy jammy pants my grandmother got me. Her and my mom are the only two who every give me gifts and they are always MY FAVORITE THINGS!!! I bet my get’s me something green 🙂 I love green. After jammies it’s time for bed for me I have spent the better part of the day feeling completely exhausted as Paytyn was beaming with energy climbing me like a jungle gym.

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