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filename-1-49  That file is the letter my 13 yr old daughter wrote to the man she calls Dad. Yesterday was his birthday and in just a few short weeks marks 14 yrs of us parenting our children together. What a milestone. It’s been one hell of a ride I tell you what. He has had the huge task of convincing me and the kids that he loved us unconditionally. Spent his entire life showing us that it never mattered what hurtful things our mouths would spew in anger he would still love us just the same. As the kids get older I think they see more now that he loved them by choice. It mean’s much more then it did a decade ago. We have been through the worst and the best of times. I know that my kids and I can count on him for anything. I trust in that fact that he would give us his last dollar or his last breath. He is a far from perfect man. Yesterday wasn’t an easy day. I spent most of it really wishing he had been at work. I really had to step back and look at all he endures to love us. To be the father he is what that must take.. I know the back lash he gets from bio dad’s. Chuck is held to a higher standard then they are. I hold him to a higher standard. It’s hard in the midst of anger or fighting to see it from the other side. To understand the pressure and stress the other person is under. I took very little time to consider this yesterday. I think all to often its easier for myself to dismiss his feelings and frustration’s as my own are piled so high. I am so grateful for all he does for myself and his kids. For our family. I think I need to hold myself to a higher standard of appreciation and maybe cut him some slack, he has quite a bit of pain himself he has not worked through.

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