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So Malachi has been faithfully taking his non stimulant meds. He is on a little higher of a dose and coming off the stimulant. So some of the side efforts are headaches and drowsiness. Course he is feeling the effects of both. But really at a tolerable level considering all of the positives the meds bring and that they are helping without a stimulant which is ultimately my goal. So these meds take thirty days to get a real grasp of how they are working how to adjust and so fourth. Malachi is sleeping a LOT! I would say 14-15 hours a day easily. He is able to get homework done gets along with the kids has control over his emotions. He has the ability to slow down think things through and say it’s not worth it before becoming raged and acting out. As a mother this is a huge accomplishment to see and I really like the meds. I know adjustments need to still be made but I see the that side effects don’t out weigh the positive effects. Unfortunately my child is in public school. I sent a letter, I called the office, I had Malachi himself explain, and yet everyday Malachi is in the office to sleep because he is not allowed to put head down in class. His teacher said it’s not fair to the other kids. Sitting at a desk it’s very difficult for Ky to keep his head up and I’m sure to stay awake as that is a side effect of his meds. But in public school Ky is just another kid in the crowd treated as a equal not individual. ┬áSo I kept my son home today so he wouldn’t call me from the office to be picked up because he isn’t learning a thing sitting in the office. I plan to return to school with him after break. Demand they ACCOMMODATE his medical needs. I mean really if my child and I both came to you and explained then help find a solution not a punishment. Is there a spot in the back of the room he can stand and listen for a few moments to wake up a little again. Can he be excused to stretch for a moment? I am not sure what the solution is but I can say if he were in St Pauls him missing learning would not have been an option. I know if he were at home it wouldn’t either. I know my son’s potential…. His progress grades are in only class he isn’t doing well in now is the one that sends him to the office every single day. I wish I were at the school more. I wish I had the energy to be there right now this am. Ive been getting sick since 3am. I feel awful i can’t find the strength to brush my hair. I called the doctor’s office to get a letter from him to back me when I go to talk to the school. If they can’t figure out a solution if he will continue to be put into the office for medical side effects of medication he has no choice but to take….. I’ll look for alternatives. I want to scream that this teacher said to Malachi it’s not fair to the other kids you put S ADHD THAT HE CANT HELP IT AND YOUR PUNISHING HIM he came home crying cause he can’t pass the class he isnt in and I am STRICT on grades your grades aren’t on point you basically have no life in my house. So to be honest I’d be crying too. But he showed he got every single other class on point and he called me every single time he has gotten kicked out of class this week. So now I stand to defend my son’s voice. Like a pit bull watch and see. Going Public: Your Child Can Thrive in Public School

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