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The other day I had a distant family member that had made a post about family. I responded on the status stating I had a history of feeling left out by family. Not at any point did I point fingers at certain family member nor did I say that they didn’t have valid reasoning behind the laps in time that goes between visits. I simply offered validation for her feelings and expressed my own. Some how this was interrupted as me pointing fingers and starting bullshit and drama. ( My direct family members words. ) I of course lashed out and the cut off all contact. My goal like my life goal is simply to spend my time with my kids. Every moment of my time. I love my family and I want time with them as well. But stress and a negative mind takes that time away.  I don’t have time to entertain someone saying my feelings are lies. Feelings can’t be lies you can’t tell someone how they feel. I no longer feel the need to hide what I feel about any situation nor person. I have no problem stopping a Facebook feud by deleting you. I get to express how I feel and I deserve validation for how I feel you don’t have to agree. But to be disrespectful for how I feel will not be tolerated by me. It’s sad I created scrap books that tell the family tree because my children may never no a large amount of family. I hold no hard feelings I forgive you for being unable to see past whatever guilt you must be holding. I understand it is hard to understand others feelings but the lack of effort you shown has pushed me just a little further away.

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