What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

I have been in so much pain today. I can’t shake it. Pain meds has dulled it here and there but it has yet to go away. Ive spent most of the day crying I got very little housework done at all. I was in the car briefly and that was excruciatingly painful. There is now a golf ball size lump between my leg and pelvis in my groin area…. This is where most of my pain is originating.  I have only eaten a small amount of food today as I haven’t been able to hold anything down. Thankfully my children have been so very well behaved. Paytyn has been asleep for the last hour and I am hoping to get some sleep and wake up feeling better then i do now. Some days I just wish I didn’t have to make it thru. I begged and begged for relief and I just have yet to get any. When did this become my life…..

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