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I knew upon waking up yesterday I was going to have a bad day. I felt the razor blades scrapping down my leg within moments of opening my eyes. I got sick soon after and here I am 24 hours later having gotten very little sleep tossing and turning all night long with the evil leg pain. I took my boys Allen and Malachi to dinner last night. Just the two boys I have been riding them both hard about grades. Both missed lots of school with the dentist and toe surgeries. They have to bring their A game to make that up. I also know both of their potential and I won’t settle for less. I asked Ky at dinner if he was enjoying boot camp with me. That is what I have been referring to the last few weeks as. Malachi has went everywhere with me. With his math and reading books in tote. Every stop I am somewhere I am locating a quiet place to study for him and going thru math with him make him do and redo over and over. His response to if he was enjoying it was sometimes. Lol He said he is kinda enjoying time with mom. Secretly i gave him the option to go with me to grandmas last night or stay home and actually have electronic time that has pretty much been off limits to the entire house lately. He choose to still go with me. However last night he did also eat his sister’s homework. Yes I said ATE! He ate it turning it into spit balls I still have to email Hailey’s teacher because it surely didn’t sound like a legitimate story coming from her mouth. I have been racing to the mail box every day impatiently waiting to hear if I was approved a court date to raise child support. I fear Keith’s reaction but I also feel good that my kids are entitled to more support then they are receiving and I went to keith first asking for help with shoes school things fundraisers. He refused and then went shopping…. So I don’t see another alternative. Well I better get breakfast going just an hour left till time to wake up my minions.

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