What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

Waking up every single morning to the house you swore was clean the night before looking like a cyclone hit it is exhausting. It’s a never ending vicious battle I have going on trying to complete the dishes and laundry. Currently on my 14th sink full of dishes for the day and I am positive if I keep walking about my home picking things up I’ll find even more in corners cracks and under beds that also need washed. I am on my 9th load of laundry completed. Although I’m not really to sure if I can say completed as I have yet to fold all but 3 of those loads and yet to put any away at all. In the midst of laundry and dishes I have completed 5 batches of cookies in 3 different varieties. Only to have just one batch not turn out. The rest are pretty good. I have also managed to get most of my spread sheet done for this week’s grocery shopping. Yes, it does require a spread sheet so I can price match and compare as well as use my savings catcher money to then turn around and buy household needs. Aside from my grocery spread sheet I also hacked into my baby daddies facebook to message his mom to get me the couple of things I am missing from tonight’s dinner. She should be arriving shortly. I cleaned up most of the entry way and I watered my plants. My kids will be home within the next hour and I am already completely spent knowing it will take me mustering all the energy I have left to tackle homework chores and back talking. Whew it’s almost Christmas!!!!

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