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SO I have been coloring a ton. A ton may even be a bit of a understatement. I have a new found love for markers. But I’ve found them to not last long and be kinda costly. At least on a budget with 7 kids in the mix. So Ive been trying new markers on amazon. I have found Amazon by far has a bigger selection then Walmart or Meijer but I have yet to look at a office supply store. I got these markers last week. Plinrise HM-001 Sketch Drawing Pen,Fineliner Pen,Fine Point Marker Pen,0.4MM&xFF0C;Pack of 24 Assorted Colors (24) and I have mixed feelings about them. They are not like the sharpies or the bics at all. They hold more like a pen with a octagon shape to them. The color about the same more like a pen then a marker. Like a gel pen effect making it much more time consuming to fill in. Although they also work well because of this on the little details in the pics. They were pretty well priced and the colors are gorgeous. They don’t have the names of the colors on them though like my sharpies do and I like that added bonus a lot too. Helps remember which ones I have already used. These new markers not having that the lids all look the same shade of green but all are very much different. All in all I’d give them a 7 out of 10 score.

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