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I can’t put into words how much this little boy means to me. Paytyn always was a extra fussy baby. He was an extra work toddler. Now knowing he has Asperger I understand so much more then I did prior. Paytyn is probably the closet child to me. He is pretty much with me all the time. We are the def of mommy and son best friends. He treats me much different then he treats others. Much different. His mother is the center of his universe. He didn’t handle school to well and I am almost positive if I had been there it would have been like having a different child in that classroom. He did so well at church this past Sunday sitting in the sanctuary which can be hard for younger kids. As they can find it to be rather boring. I find that his vocabulary grew and is much more advance then his siblings or many kids his age he is always talking and talking and talking. Tonight as he is so very sick my heart aches. Paytyn always has just been so much more prone to getting sick then the rest of the kids. He has had more hospital stays then all of the rest of the kids put together. Tonight he is struggling with his breathing feeling very congested. He is vomiting and he has pink eye in both eyes. I hate him being sick. He is laying on the couch and I am sitting 5 whole feet away aching that I can’t hold him. Normally I wouldn’t give a second thought to me getting sick right along with him I’d be sharing my water and snuggled as close to my baby as I can get. Tonight I am loving him from a distance and giving daddy the directions to take my place. I just can’t handle getting sick again and i can’t take care of anyone when I am down. WE have all been disinfecting my house all day and washing paytyn’s hands like crazy. Saying a prayer I don’t get this and he feels better quickly. He got some antibiotics today and I am just hoping they kick in soon.Mucinex Children’s Chest Congestion Expectorant Mini-Melts, Bubblegum, 12 Count
Doctor also recommended mucinex so lets hope it works too

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