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As my first born is becoming a young man now I can see his values so clearly. I am absolutely so proud of him. Yesterday I can’t even remember what brought it up but we were all discussing the house and how the only thing everyone hates about the house is that it is so far from their friends. All of their friends pretty much being in the same general area of the trailer park. Allen said well my friends aren’t around our house and I am fine with that. I’d rather be with family. I literally just had a tear go down my cheek. I love that. I know they all fight like absolute craziness I tell you what. But there are these little moments where the sweet love they have for each other pokes thru and it just melts my heart. Mornings when I wake up and see them all piled on one giant bed around the smallest tv in the house passed out to whatever they had all binged watched the night before. Allen is so incredibly intelligent and has the best heart ever. I am so happy to say I raised him. As he goes Monday for the third surgery of his life on Monday morning and I am there to hold his hand I am just so incredibly thankful to be his mommy. He is the best son a mother could possibly ask for.

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