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After the emergency room trip today I had some relief. Ate some real food tonight not to much but enough to at least give me something in my stomach. I have yet to get sick although there were a few mins that got a little sketchy. I folded tons of laundry today and took care of sick kiddos. All of which seem to be feeling much better now. I think we are finally kicking the virus that has been plaguing my family. This morning I had spent so much time getting sick that I couldn’t get out of the bathroom long enough to climb the stairs to wake the kids for school. By the time I stopped for a moment changed clothes and got up there they ran out the door barefoot with shoes and socks in hand and the bus was pulling away. Hailey said lets take the short cutt we will beat them on the next street. Off the went… I said a prayer that the shoes and socks would both get put on upon arrival on the bus and rushed back to the bathroom.

Tomorrow is Malachi’s dentist he will finally be getting his crowns. I can’t wait to see what they look like. Hopefully this will be the end of his dental treatment and he has learned to care for his teeth properly. I had a comment made by a family member that he hasn’t been to the dentist enough that is why his teeth were so bad. That wasn’t true my kids have all been to the dentist a minimum of every six months for cleaning and preventive they have had simple fillings before. Ky himself had fillings where he now needed root canals he had picked his filling out with a paper clip bored sitting in class one day. I am working on getting some aides for both him and aj and paytyn to keep there hands productive without being distracting.
I am feeling pretty tired tonight. I can’t wait to crash yet here I am eyes burning starring at a computer screen. lol time for bed good night.

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