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Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

You can’t even been to imagine the comments I get……… Do you know what causes that? Um, is that really even a question? Are you asking me if I know about sex…. isn’t that obvious or is that just a dig at my lack of birth control use? Because if we are being honest I used WAY more birth control then you can possibly imagine. OR their are the are you crazy comments? I mean I guess you need to be a little to handle seven….. Here is the thing though you see me walking through Walmart with over a half dozen kids and in your mind you think what??? That I live off your tax paying dollars??? That is far from the case and if you don’t think that then what exactly does the number of kids have any effect on you? Or really anyone for that matter. The amount of times I ask anyone to watch my kids is very limited. I stay away from any state aide as much as humanly possible. Or there are the are they all yours comments…. I wonder who elses my kids could be? And again why does this matter to anyone? How many dad’s do your kids have…. again does me having more then one baby daddy have any effect whatsoever on anyone but my family? I can’t think of a single way it does.

Having 7 kids means going through an entire bottle of shampoo and conditioner a week no matter how big of bottles you buy. It means when one gets sick they all get sick. One bottle of cough syrup doesn’t even cover a day worth. 2 tsp every 4-6 hours times 7… Yes exactly entire bottle gone. Can you imagine how many trips I have to make to pics up cough meds…. Because of course there is a limit to how many you can buy at a time and I’m sure they have never sat down and thought about families like mine with huge numbers of kids that aren’t trying to abuse some Robitussin just trying to get rid of the cough and congestion. Having 7 kids means remembering whose teacher everyone has… I have found this to become increasingly difficult as I now have kids with 5-8 teachers each. And I am trying to remember that times 7 and going thru names of teachers in the office till I hope I hit the right one for the right kid while they stare at me with their judgement like you don’t even know your child’s teacher???? Man I can’t count how many times I have been given that look. 7 kids means you are out numbered and must always and I mean always be on your toes you never know when you will sit on your toilet and there will be serran wrap covering it in some prank one child is pulling on another. I mean honestly you should never sit on the toilet at all without checking it first it can be a dangerous feat. Having seven kids pretty much means cooking 24/7 even more so now as the bottom less pits that we call teenagers are emerging. I no sooner get the mess cleaned from one meal then there is another to be cooked. Not sure if they even take the time to taste the food or if it’s more of a hoover and swallow action. Having 7 kids means to worry constantly. I find myself counting rolls of toilet paper so I can keep track of when we will run out. I actually count everything you pretty much can bet money on the fact that if you see me in public with the kids im probably counting heads. I will say having a big family did help improve my math skills. Having 7 kids means constant judgments being made. Everyone has an opinion to my system of doing things. Everyone is intrigued and wants to know. I can’t imagine not having 7 with just one or two I think I would be bored. It’s far more entertaining when there are 7. There are days when no one in the entire house gets along. Then there are days when you install boot camp and all the kids whine and feel like the world is over as they know it. You yourself just sit back and watch because you already know eventually they will see you mean business they will suck it up and you will get to hear the sounds of everyone working together soon. Because the bond between my 7 is far greater then anything I have ever seen. The blessings I receive from being their mommy and counting tp rolls, and racking my brain to remember teachers names is all worth it. My heart melts every single day when one of my minions go out of their way to fill each others buckets. I love having a big family I would not imagine life any other way.


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