What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

Today I spent my time trying to show my kids that I am not playing with these grades and the behavior. I expect a lot. I give a lot in return. Privileges and I surely did not have as a child. I spent the morning giving them the chores that needed to be completed. While I cooked them stuffed french toast bacon and sausage I print grade appropriate learning worksheets. I sent them all into a complete panic and hopefully showed them that I clearly mean business.

I have spent lots more time coloring my new F’Ck cancer coloring book is by far my favorite. I thought about Hailey and I taking this time since I am just stuck sitting at home and see if we can create and publish our own coloring book on amazon. I think this would be a total blast. Maybe make some extra cash $$ and have time to bond with my mini me. I have been researching it for the last 24 hours and it really doesn’t look to be to difficult or costly.

The doctor apts. became more then I could bare to even speak about… I have been pushing ppl away who pry and ask. I had back to back bad news more burden then I was ready to bare. There is nothing that can prepare you for the words that come out of the doctors mouths. There is nothing that makes you ready to hear you have cancer. I have 11 certificates of parenting classes I completed even more so I didn’t get a certificate for but none of that prepared me for this. Emotionally the most trying thing I have ever experienced and I must say I have been thru some stuff in my lifetime.


Started a scrap book for family that my kids won’t know when I pass. It’s going to be pretty large….. kinda sad how much family I barely know and they know nothing about at all.

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