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So I got a new coloring book this week and I just wanted to take the time to give it a little review. It was purchased on Amazon and I must say I frequently buy these coloring books now as I find it helps me calm and relax and just cope. Also passes time with the kids. We have been taking them with us to dinner now if we go out. We even have a coloring bag now we tote along with us. This is by far my favorite coloring book to date. I love the pages. I love the designs. I am a huge fan of that each page has like a black version and a white one. To pictures when colored will look totally different because of that one little factor. Also these pages are high quality for sure. The bic permanent markers I was using didn’t bleed through the pages at all. I would highly recommend. It even has a story about the illustrator that will tug your heart strings and a portion of the proceeds are donated to buy coloring books and markers for those struggling with the battle of cancer or chemo. I don’t think it gets any better then that. So Five star review from me that is for sure.



November 2, 2016

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