What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

Sitting in the doctor with my daughter knowing I just gave my debit card to pay for this apt and whatever was leftover from the other kids bills last week. Knowing it will probably clean out my act. of course it matters very little to me as long as my child is ok. Just frustrating how fathers aren’t accountable for things like this………… I can’t remember a time ever that any of the kids dad’s had to figure anything out. Never had to stress about paying for doctors or shots. Never stress how to pay for sports or after school activities or field trips but yet can complain about the minimal child support they do pay. Never has supporting their kids come above their own needs. None of them go without their wants above their kids needs. All have cigs all have video games or movies whatever there pass time necessity is. Me NOTHING comes above my kids nothing. I know right now being here could potentially mean I don’t get to follow thru with my own plans tonight but it never crossed my mind that there was any choice. My kids are first. Just wish I wasn’t alone in that.

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