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This morning I find myself questioning what loyalty is. I even went so far as to ask it to be defined to me. I googled the actual definition and then the definition of the feeling of being loyal.

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Simple Definition of loyalty

  • : the quality or state of being loyal

  • : a loyal feeling : a feeling of strong support for someone or something

So here is the question can you lie to someone and be loyal. I mean of course right we all lie ……………. but what if you still haven’t been honest. Can you live a lie and be loyal. Can loyalty really exist in the society we have created? ¬†I mean it’s easy to see most are out for self gain. I mean mother’s and father’s for their children’s gain too but is their loyalty in love???? Is there honesty left. Can we do that and still have someone stand by us. Again that boils down to trust though right. I mean you have to trust in someone to stand by you thru the flaws and mistakes if you are honest right. But you can’t expect to get that kind of trust from ¬†someone your lying to yourself. So will that ever really exist a relationship or hell ever a friendship where there was not one lie told. Where there was unfaulting loyalty? Trust???????? I am endlessly ranting of course for I just long for that one person who can give me that and I can return. That 100% honesty along with that 100% forgiveness. Would be a lot easier to forgive knowing your never being lied to. Once that has been broken can it be fixed really ever to that 100%

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