What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

This morning as I scramble to find shoes because my vehicle with the kids shoes was gone. My anxiety continued to rise as the morning continued. My head spins sometimes trying to remember everything I need to accomplish things I have to pull off which frankly I have no clue how I even pull off. My time and money stretched thin. I feel like Im treading water just to keep from drowning . Committing to the impossible because I won’t let my kids miss an opportunity. So Ill consume myself with stress until I figure out a plan to make it all work. And I will make it all work. I actually know that because I know me. But until that master plan is in place I will be in a total maniac panic. Stressing myself and those I love.

Started my damn period today so on top of my already emotional self we have added that………I really really need a few hours of stress free time. Need to shut my brain down.

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