What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

What makes hair so important. I mean most of our bodies we spend our time shaving for purely the purpose of vanity. Then Ive been growing my hair out for the longest again for vanity. I find my hair falling out to be a huge struggle for me. Every time I run my hands through my hair it’s falling out and every time I see my hair wrapped around my hands im crying. Multiple time a day crying over something I don’t really care about……….. Well I guess that is a lie though. I only thought i didn’t care till reality came and it started to fall out. Cancer isnt a physical battle for me it’s mental and emotional and its incredibly draining. Between kids in offices crying they think im dying ive got kids asking their friends parent’s to take them if i do because the fear of living with their dad’s is huge. I have a son who told me he knows i will go to heaven he just wants me to make it till im 18 he doesn’t fear me dying just fears that he would be taken from the man who raised him and given to the man that created him. And me im just over here crying over some hair feeling incredibly petty but can’t stop. FML! Maybe I should just shave it stop fearing it and control it myself……. what you think still love me with my head shaved???? still look at me the same??????????????

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