What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

Okay so my son sits me down and tells me how he needs to talk to me cause what his dad told him to do was so wrong!!! I knew right away I was in for it. He begins with my dad is hiring a lawyer to take us away from you. Just me and clare though he doesn’t want allen and hailey. And he doesn’t want you to know. And they aren’t giving allen pennies for his school stuff cause allen doesn’t want to go to their house so they said they are just giving them to penny instead….

HOW THE FUCK DOES AN ADULT MAKE A CHILD FEEL LOWER THEN ANOTHER CHILD!!!! First off if your OWN CHILD doesn’t want to see you you have FAILED as a parent… It wasn’t my place to judge so i have kept my mouth shut but you know that shit all went out the window soon as my temper flarred up. You OWE me money cause you can’t even afford your own cigarette habit and now you can’t give your first born some pennies. LOL . Oh and now you think your father of the year because you live in a house full of roaches and finally aren’t living in a tent with your children… You think I am dumb don’t you you taught me 15 yrs ago not to trust you. I got pics of you living in that tent I got pics even of the rent reciept you paid to stay there so I can prove you lived there. I can prove your wife uses drugs without a medical card. I can prove you haven’t been stable at all. I can prove your not home to be with your kids. I video tapped your own other children saying you had no idea where mine were while were in your care and I can also prove you were willing to let her in a strangers vehicle without speaking to them knowing where they were taking her to and not giving a shit!! I video tape and make records of everything! I am by far a dumb bitch and I ride or die for my babies. You think your hot shit. I get chump change for child support a father of one my kids pays 4 times what you do. I let that shit go knowing you clearly can’t budget money to save you life and im a good person and didn’t want to take from your other kids. You want to rub in my kids face you won’t provide for them because you think you deserve more from them… For what please tell me when you were a father once in your life. And please dont murmur some when the kids lived with you bullshit cause I was there scrubbing shit off the walls I took those pics to court too that why your ass backed down in the divorce too. Now I tried to play nice I tried to co parent. LEt it be known you need a lawyer as fast as you can get one cause Im not holding back anything. I wish you would walk in my house ever again be your biggest mistake of your life!!! This just the tip of ice burg watch In town for a few months homeless half that shit now you think you can raise your kids. While telling me you cant afford shit how you gunna afford two more u can’t afford to help with them now let alone support them fully.

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