What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

It’s pretty common that if my Facebook doesn’t say im in a relationship me to get hit up like crazy. I get it everyone just trying to run game right??? Here is the thing what part of im barfing in my own hair screams please come pound my pussy it’s all I need to feel better??????????? Because the fact that I can tell someone I am currently hooked up having toxic-ins pumped into my body and get a response like well u wanna fuck when your done is disgusting!!! At this point I can’t remember the last time I have had sex. Nor have I had ANY desire at all to have sex. Send a girl a get well soon not a can i beat it up at the chemo center. Like holy cow! I am blown away by my inbox all the time. And if they aren’t trying to fuck they trying to have me drive a hour so they can borrow money or a ride or always wanting something. FFS im trying to fight for my life aint got time for no disgusting pigs in my inbox… and of course this isn’t directed at everyone. I have some very sweet guys whom I am truly great friends with who are genuinely concerned and being supportive. But to the ones trying to run game just stop. It’s not cute.

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