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Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

My house is quiet kids all doing well with new routine. Tonight was church night so I got a break even after school and a night off from trying to cook. Which is so much needed. But I am struggling with concerns for my son. He just can’t control his emotions at all. Struggles being social with others. Struggles with change and struggles with no saying curse words to literally everyone.

I want to help him but im not sure how….. so i just keep researching and looking for tips. I am so totally overwhelmed. His teacher says he naps at school two or three hours. I think she wants to imply he isn’t getting enough sleep. We have a meeting so she hasn’t asked that yet. But he is the first one asleep and he sleeps in my room so im positive he isn’t waking up I am watching him and his every move all night long. sometimes he even naps at home after school before dinner too.

Chemo in the am and my head is so all over the place with everyday worry how do I have time to worry about my health………..

Today he’s been on my mind heavy. Wonder if I am on his………… I wish that he had been what i needed but I just can’t add stress and how can you tell me theses are your best friends then expect me to think they would lie on you….. not to mention while your claiming to be lying for them…… just to many lies for me to sort out i guess. Makes my heart hurt though.

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