What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

I have been doing entirely to much thinking that is so clear. I have been slowly drifting away from contact with friends and family for years now. Maybe even more realistically my entire life. I was asked if I’m angry at the people that I have broken contact with. The answer is no. I am not angry with anyone at all. I hold no grudges toward anyone at all. I have no one I wish ill or have enemies with. See we are all imperfect. Every single one of us makes mistakes… Lies, cheats, deceives, we have all done it. Situations make us all react differently. I remember a time stealing to provide for mine. Should that be more okay then stealing for pleasure? Or self gain? We allow tolerate certain lies certain behavior based on what exactly? I mean I myself have forgiven some friends for betrayal and then others I have held grudges for the same act. All sins are equal a lie is still a lie no matter the form. No matter the situation. We spend life making excuses for ourselves and our own actions and for others and their actions as well. I watch it first hand. I am guilty myself from both sides. Im not sure there is any real loyalty left. I know that I personally who not put anyone on that planet above my kids. And there isn’t a cost to great when it comes to them. Nothing at all I wouldn’t do for them. Everyone has their own battles their own situation’s we have no idea why they made the choices or decision’s they made. What their reasoning was behind that lie or deception. I will not waste any time being angry or questioning any of that. So I chose to cut ties. The most valuable thing in life is time. I shall not waste any of mine. Do I have family and friends I do not give my time to. YES! Is it because I’m angry or dislike them. Absolutely not I wish everyone the very best. My time is to precious to be crying over lies and drama and stress. So my time is best spent with my kids. ┬áNo hard feelings to those left behind. It’s not that I lay blame or that your sins are bigger then mine.

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