What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

I know that since realizing I was unable to work for the time being I really struggled with not being able to help provide even more so since I am my children’s sole provider. I started researching online and found lots of ways to bring in extra cash.

Instagc being one of them. I haven’t been doing this for to long and I have cashed out 80$ in amazon cards. Did you know you can order groceries through amazon and most of the time can even find free shipping coupons. They are called pantry boxes. So I have supported the kids school snacks this yr so far completely by instagc. and I really have given it very little of my time no more then 15 mins a few times a week. I am sure with more effort would come more success. I do advise making a junk email though. Because filtering thru ads on your personal email is no fun at all.



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