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I am not really sure if I believe in Karma good or bad. I do believe our lives are based on choices we make. Situations arise that are completely out of your control but you can control how you choose to react to the situations.

I spent most of today in this tangled web of lies. No matter where the truth lay in today’s situation someone was lying to someone. I think when you intentionally cause pain to another human being you create your own pain in return. Maybe that in itself is karma. To lie to someone for no real purpose to create sorrow in someone else it will def. have an effect on your soul.

I have worked so hard to become a better person. Now I have those around me with actions just like the ones I have risen above. Am I really the better person if I’m not the one causing the pain but doing nothing to stop it. I know of the lies and allow the all to persist. In today situation in so many situations. So many secrets and cover ups and lies over a lifetime. It’s all weighing so heavy. All I can think about is I would never want anyone to do to me what I’m watching others do. So does this too make me a follower? ….. sitting here in silence……. keeping the secrets.

Can u love someone and lie to them?????? Is the love real if it’s so easy to lie….. Is lying really just second nature for everyone these days…… I want to be remembered for the good I did… not the mistakes or secrets and lies I held to my grave………….. I want to be a better person than the one I feel like in the middle of all this right now.

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