What defines me?

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It’s amazing to me what shutting off my cell phone creates. How many ppl depend on me or what will come from someone’s mouth when I don’t make the time for them they feel they are entitled too. This is day two of me pretty much keeping my cell phone off. Been cussed out numerous times over it. The things ppl even think I’d be doing because I don’t respond in the five allotted secs. When did having a cell phone become this………… Because I have a phone it should be in my hand at all times….. I just should revolve life around it???????????? There really isn’t anyone I’d like to talk to these days. Ive been doing pretty amazing at pushing ppl away. Less stress this way that is for sure. I think im going to go back to not having a cell phone. I have no purpose for it.

I let go of the one who meant the most to me today. He isn’t who I thought he was. Or maybe he is and he lost his way. Hoping he finds it soon. But by then I may be too far gone.

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