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Okay so I’m just going to rant. Fully aware that they can see this but I really have nothing to hide. Why we all even hide how we feel for the sake of others is beside me. I mean holding it in is only self damaging. So today I have my ex husband and his wife come over. No big deal it’s become quite regular. But once again they stand in my kitchen talking about how my son wants to move there and how I won’t let him. First off of course he wants to live there. He has very few restrictions there. Very few times does he even have to clean up after himself. He is allowed to fish ride the new bike that was given him and play video games as he pleases. He is taught no responsibility he isn’t forced to read or study for 30 mins as he is here. HE has missing assignments already because he isn’t being accountable and he is being rewarded for it all.


As we are standing outside here comes the transportation dept. Asking where the kids get off the bus at.. There is conservatory because of the weds. getting off at the trailer park to go to church. The school will not provide transportion for church. So Keith then chimes in with for his kids it’s really for his visitation!! ??? I look at him in shock since not once has that ever been stated at all. Not one time has he asked for them to be there on weds. 5-8 . He isn’t even home during that time. I went to them and asked if they could ride the bus there for church period not for any other reason at all. I mean yes i mentioned that was his visitation time so if he could help me out and just get them on the bus i appreciate it but this was week one of that. I came into the trailer park with kids with hickee’s kids who had skipped going to church to run the streets and home work that did not get completed. In fact no one even had really a clue knowledge to where the kids where. I was so frustrated. Honestly im still hot about it I am shaking. First off that they told me that the kids couldn’t go on a bus just for church as though church wasn’t of much value. Keith for acting as though he has been having “visitation” instead of the actual facts.

I can’t really believe that another mother can continue to discuss my child moving when they have been involved very little. ┬áIf the tables were turned. If this were her child’s dad’s significant other providing a fun environment and then saying your child wants to be at our house let her move. She would see it very differently.


I think I have decided now since I am able to be home everyday my kids will stay home during the week days. They need to be reading and studying and be consistent. Not to mention the bites are getting pretty bad too. Im sure I’ll be the bad guy for this too but this is just not working out so well. And Im always going to do what is best for mine.

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